Single-Use Solutions

A range of 3D biocontainers specially designed for large scale applications where 3D systems need to be both reliable and flexible while providing extreme ease of use during their installation in the appropriate tote

Kleenpak Sterile Connectors have autoclave and Gamma sterilization compatibility. Both male and female connectors maintain cleanliness with pull away, ventilated strips to create sterile pathway. Kleenpak offers a dry connection and easy locking mechanism to guarantee permanent connection. Module is manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001 standards.

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A range of high performance, easy-to-use mixers for manual to fully automated solution preparation

Designed for temperature control or thermal regulation applications for process fluids, where fluid containment and safety in operation are paramount

The Kleenpak Sterile Disconnector is the first device designed to maintain sterile integrity, even in cramped and uncontrolled environments. Also, disconnection is performed in seconds - while maintaining sterility of separate fluid paths and using no tools.

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For a wide range of applications such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), vaccines, plasma, cell and gene therapies, as well as general use.

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$ 200.63 - $ 1,618.25

A range of workstations designed to assist in applications where fluid containment, ease of use and flexibility are paramount

Industry-certified, fully integrated and flexible solutions for transportation of 100 or 200 L Allegro single-use biocontainer systems

Collapsable, stackable, maneuvarable plastic totes to enable easy implementation of Allegro single-use systems around each unit operation, specifically engineered in order to provide maximum flexibility in the processing environment

A fully automated bioprocessing system, providing flexibility and improved productivity in upstream and downstream single-use processing

High performance, easy-to-use mixers for manual to fully automated solution preparation between 2 and 50 liters